Gourmet Cuisine


Traditional home-made British fare

Pork Pies Melton Mowbray style


We pay homage to the classic Melton Mowbray pork pie. We make hot water pastry and fill it using fresh pork belly and pure pork mince with our special seasoning and then bake. Once cool we pour our delicious home-made pig’s trotters jelly to finish off and let it set before it is ready for our customers. Pork pie aficionados will be in pork pie heaven!  

Traditional Cornish pasties


Our Cornish pasties are rich in butter, using the freshest skirt steak along with swede, potato, onion, seasoning and finished with an egg glaze over our home-made pastry. Perfect for lunch and picnics and those yearning for flavours of the old country.

Veggie Cornish pasties


We have two delicious 

veggie options: a meat free version of the Cornish pasty and equally rich

in flavour. 


The second pasty consists of steamed potatoes set in a rich cheese sauce using an 18 month old tasty cheddar cheese, sautéed onions and sundried tomatoes encased in our egg glazed home-made pastry. You won't be disappointed.

Sage & onion with beef & pork sausage wraps


Using quality sausage meat of premium cuts of pork and beef, we add onions sautéed in pure butter, fresh sage and seasoning before wrapping it in our

home-made pastry. This is no ordinary sausage roll - try it and see - you will be back for more.

Fresh fruit pies


Apple & blackberry or apple & raspberry. Using fresh fruits housed in our home-made, all butter sweet pastry. Keeping the fruit a little tart creates a great balance for the pie served with cream or icecream. 

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